Intercultural Dialogue to Boost Development (UN Alliance of Civilizations)

Advisory and research tasks for the UNAOC Forum held in December 2011


Andreas Wiesand
A number of other consultants from different parts of the world as well as Ritva Mitchell, President of the ERICarts Board of Governors, were active in that context.
See Research Teams for full list of participating researchers.


United Nations Alliance of Civilisations (UNAOC)
Co-financed by the Qatar Foundation


The purpose of this mission, which lasted from March 2011 to March 2012, was to advise the UNAOC on different thematic issues relevant for its 4th Forum held 11-13 December 2011 in Doha as well as the local organizer of the Forum, the Qatar Foundation. In addition to a number of strategy papers or summaries for the UNAOC and its Forum, contributions of A. J. Wiesand included research papers:

  • on human dignity, cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue and their links with the UN 'Millennium Development Goals';
  • on the chances for a global cultural diversity monitoring and alert system;
  • on gender issues; and
  • on measuring the impact of intercultural dialogue policies (with Fethi Mansouri).

All of these issues were taken up at the Doha Forum - see agenda - and during the post-conference evaluation and planning phase.