The work of the ERICarts  Institute is supported primarly by project funds.

Its research programme has been running since  1997 and has received project funding and other forms of support from a diversity of private and public actors, for example:

  • European bodies and inter-governmental organisations such as the European Union (Commission and Parliament); the Council of Europe; UNESCO; UN Alliance of Civilisations; IFACCA; or the Ministerial Network on Cultural Diversity and Globalisation;
  • Foundations such as Boekmanstichting or the Network of European Foundations for Innovative Action; Riksbankens Jubileumsfond; the European Cultural Foundation; and the Compagnia di San Paolo; and
  • National or regional governments from Austria; Azerbaijan; Bosnia-Hercegovina; Canada; Croatia; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany, Hungary, Monaco; the Netherlands, Slovakia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland.
  • Universities and scientific organisations, e.g. Goldsmiths University of London; Wimbledon School of Arts; IKM and Mediacult (University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna).

The ERICarts Institute is a certified non-profit organisation registered under German trade law (gGmbH).