Research Teams

The composition of the Research Teams changes on a project to project basis depending on the research requirements, professional fields to be studied, the geographic scope and funding available.

Below is an overview of the experts involved in some of the larger projects co-ordinated by the Institute in recent years. Their collective contributions are at the heart of the Institute's achievements.

Cultural Heritage and Creative Resources in the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme

Andreas Wiesand and Olivier Göbel, with additional advice from three regional experts: Vesna Čopič (Ljubljana), Péter Inkei (Budapest) and Veronika Ratzenböck (Vienna) und support from the CENTRAL EUROPE Joint Technical Secretariat

Mobility Matters

Team Leader: Andreas Wiesand; Coordination: Danielle Cliche with the assistance of Olivier Goebel and Leena Marsio;
Key experts: Suzanne Capiau, Rod Fisher, Ilkka Heiskanen, Dorota Ilczuk, Ritva Mitchell and Dimitrije Vujadinovic.
National correspondents in the 35 participating countries:
AT: Veronika Ratzenböck; BE: Joris Janssens;BG: Tsveta Andreeva; HR: Jaka Primorac; CY: Christopher Gordon; CZ: Pavla Petrová; DK: Troels Malthe Borch; EE: Margaret Tali; FI: Ritva Mitchell; FR: Laurence Barone; DE: Margrit Müller and the ZfKf; GR: Constantinos Dallas; HU: Péter Inkei; IS: Leena Marsio; IRL: Catherine Boothman and Marian Fitzgibbon; IT: Elena Di Federico; LV: Baiba Tjarve; LI: Kornelia Pfeiffer; LT: Janina Krušinskaitė; LU: Sandrine Devaux; FYRoM: Zlatko Teodosievski; MT: Anthony Attard; NL: Ineke Van Hamersveld; NO: Leena Marsio; PL: Dorota Ilczuk and Aleksandra Litorowicz; PT: Teresa Martinho; RO: Rarita Szakats; SRB: Milena Dragicevic-Sesic and Dimitrije Vujadinovic; SK: Zora Jaurova; SI: Vesna Čopič; SP: Anna Villarroya; SE: Ann Larsson; CH: Christoph Weckerle and Hubert Theler; TR: Ece Pazarbasi; UK: Rod Fisher

Development of the South East Europe 2020 Strategy

Vesna Čopič in collaboration with Andreas Wiesand, Olivier Göbel

Intercultural Dialogue to Boost Development

4th Global Forum of the UNAOC in Doha/Qatar

Andreas Wiesand as member of an international UNAOC team of experts including: Hasni Abidi, Nazaré Albuquerque, Fethi Mansouri, Jan Niessen, Taufiq Rahim, Fanie duToit. Ritva Mitchell, President of the ERICarts BoG, provided strategic advice for Andreas.

Cooperation in the Creative & Cultural Industries and the 2005 UNESCO Convention

EU-China Workshop 2012

Andreas Wiesand
in collaboration with Michael Söndermann (Arbeitskreis Kulturstatistik, Cologne)

Achieving Intercultural Dialogue through the Arts and Culture?

Danielle Cliche and Andreas Wiesand, with additional methodological and editorial assistance from the IFACCA Secretariat

European Folk Culture (Policies) Survey - Pilot Study

Sari Asikainen in collaboration with Andreas Wiesand, Olivier Göbel (ERICarts) and Cas Smithuijsen (Boekmanstichting), with a special contribution of Miša Djurković and Dimitrije Vujadinović (Balkankult Foundation)

The Contribution of Culture to Local and Regional Development - Evidence from the Structural Funds

Joint project with CSES (responsible project manager: Mike Coyne); the ERICarts part was led by Andreas Wiesand, with support from Danielle Cliche, Olivier Göbel and contributions by Péter Inkei and János Zoltán Szabó (Budapest Observatory). In that context, the assessment of different projects funded by Structural Funds in EU member/candidate states has been realised by:
AT: Veronika Ratzenböck, BE: Joris Janssens, BG: Rossitza Arkova, HR: Paško Bilić, Jaka Primorac, CY: Elena Theodoulou Charalambous, CZ: Jiri Sulzenko, DK: Elvira Mormino, EE: Mikko Lagerspetz, FI: Ritva Mitchell, FR: Fabienne Trotte, HU, SK: János Zoltán Szabó, IRL: Fiona Gallagher, IT: Claudio Napoli, LV: Baiba Tjarve, LT: Viktoras Liutkus, LU: Frank Thinnes, MT: Anthony Attard, NL: Beate Gerlings, PL: Dorota Ilczuk, PT: Rui Gomes, RO: Rarita Zbranca, Szabó János Zoltán, SI: Vesna Čopič, SP: Anna Villaroya, SE: Svante Beckman, UK: Rod Fisher

The Status of Artists in Europe

Suzanne Capiau (Brussels) and Andreas Wiesand (Bonn) in cooperation with Danielle Cliche (Bonn) and Cécile Debard; participation of Vesna Copic (Ljubljana), Ritva Mitchell (Helsinki) and a team of national correspondents troughout Europe (see "Compendium" for more details).

Mobilizing Innovation: Dynamics, Causes and Consequences of Trans-border Mobility in the European Arts and Culture

Core Steering Committee: Lluis Bonet (Barcelona), Danielle Cliche (Bonn), Ilkka Heiskanen (Helsinki), Ritva Mitchell (Helsinki), Bettina Knaup (Amsterdam), Luca Dal Pozzolo (Turin), Veronika Ratzenböck (Vienna), Andreas Wiesand (Bonn). Olivier Göbel and intern Teresa Brown contributed at the ERICarts Secretariat.

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